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Vukovar is a small city in Slavonia, the easternmost region of Croatia, known for its unique location on the border of Croatia and Serbia. It's also known for its tragic past and its current reputation as a place of unity and peace. Located at the confluence of the Danube and Vuka rivers, it's easily accessible from other Croatian cities such as Zagreb and Osijek. Vukovar is renowned for its beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views, including sweeping riverbanks lined with tall reeds and iconic bridges such as the 19th century Neo-Gothic bridge. Across the Danube, visitors can see the ruins of the Petrova Gora mill and other centuries-old buildings. In addition to its natural beauty, Vukovar is home to a range of cultural and historical landmarks. The Serbian Orthodox Vukovar Orthodox Cathedral is thought to be one of the oldest churches in the region. Other important historical sites include the 19th century Baroque Synagogue and the 18th century Danube Castle.
Vukovar is also home to the "forget-me-not," a flower that is a permanent reminder of the city's resilience. It's believed to have healing properties and is often used in local customs and rituals.
Vukovar's culinary scene is another unique aspect of the city. It's known for its hearty and savory dishes, including roast pork with potatoes, Dalmatian style calamari, priganice (a type of potato doughnut), and gibanica (filo-pastry layered cake). The city is also home to numerous wineries and vineyards, making wine tasting a popular activity.
Despite its turbulent past, Vukovar is now a city of acceptance and peace, where people of different backgrounds and cultures live in harmony. It's a welcoming city that visitors are sure to find something to marvel at and connect with.

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