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Telašćica - Nature Park

Telašćica is a 60 square kilometer nature park located on the eastern shore of Dugi Otok in Croatia, renowned for its natural beauty and unique features. The park is a popular tourist destination and a protected area for environmental, historical, and natural significance.
It consists of the bay of Telašćica and the salt lake Mir, both of which attract visitors from around the world. The bay is a naturally formed arch-shaped basin with steep, rocky cliffs and a rich marine life, while the salt lake Mir is enclosed except for a narrow inlet in the south, leading to high levels of salinity, though it has fewer fish.
Telašćica is also home to Mediterranean evergreen trees and shrubs, providing shade and color in the summer, as well as crystal-clear waters for activities such as scuba diving, sailing, and fishing. The park also boasts various terrains including cliffs, bays, beaches, and rock faces for exploration. Telašćica is not only a nature park but also holds cultural and historical significance, with a centuries-old village and fish trap. Overall, Telašćica is a unique destination that offers a blend of beauty, culture, and history, making it an ideal location for nature enthusiasts or adventurers looking for a memorable getaway.

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