Hello! I’m Lu, and at the time of writing this I’m a twenty-something Croatian blogger with a passion for travel, photography and the natural beauty our world has to offer!

So that’s me in a nutshell, but why this blog you ask?!

Well, when like me you live abroad and come from a small, upcoming country, it naturally happens that you become the first point of contact for top tips – be it for colleagues, friends or pretty much anyone you meet planning a holiday!

From this I realised just how many cool places there are that are off the tourist radar and, while a part of me wants to keep these hidden gems for me, I also want to share the amazing culture and beauty of my home country 🙂

I have been lucky enough to have lived in many different countries and I have travelled most of South & Central America, Europe, the US and some parts of Asia. These travels have helped me understand what travelers are looking for in a destination but they have also helped me appreciate the beauty of Croatia even more. I have learnt you don’t always need to travel thousands of miles to explore vibrant historical cities, to sail an extensive coastline, to hop between beautiful islands or hike up a mountain for a breathtaking view, in fact for me it was on my doorstep the whole time! This is why I have spent the last 2 years focusing on traveling all around my home country and learning exactly what is available for budding tourists and explorers.

So now the time has come for me to share my knowledge with you guys, from traveller to traveller.
I hope you enjoy reading my stories and travel tips and I hope to see you in Croatia soon for the vacation of your life!

P.S.: Everything you see on this website was created by me (texts, infographs, photographs) unless otherwise stated. Please do not use any photos or content without first asking permission (info@tour-of-croatia.com) or linking back to my page.