Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia
Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia

Okay, okay, I know I am about 4 years late with this post but please don’t judge! This year, my friends forced me to finally watch Game of Thrones – and what can I say, I loved it!!

I was even more surprised to see parts of my beloved Croatia in the series. Of course, I was aware of the fact that King’s Landing is the Croatian medieval city of Dubrovnik. But I had no clue about the other filming locations.

What especially impressed me, was the scene of the Queen of Dragons and her unsullied army crossing the hills with old stone walls and ruins on their way to Meereen. Never would I have imagined that this scenery is actually fortress Klis in Croatia. While on the highway driving from Split to Zagreb, you get a pretty good view of the fortress and its stone walls. It looks just stunning. And then it made ‘click’ for me. I thought I recognize the scenery from somewhere. And indeed, after checking I realized that it was a Game of Thrones filming location.

Moreover, when first watching the show, the city of Meereen itself did remind me a lot of the Croatian city of Split. However, due to the added animations and pyramids I wasn’t so sure. Same thing happened with Braavos and the ‘Iron Bank’, which was partly shot in the city of Šibenik and its famous cathedral.

After a little research, I put together this nice infographic, showing all important filming locations in Croatia and the corresponding location in the TV show. If that is not enough for you, here’s another goodie:

It came to my attention that Google put together a street view edition of the Game of Thrones filming locations! This is for all of you who can’t travel, enjoy! Obviously, you can also use it to prepare yourself for your upcoming Tour of Croatia.

But now back to the basics. The trend of tourists travelling to Croatia only to see the locations from their favourite TV show in real life increased heavily in the last years. That’s why there are now plenty of ‘Game of Thrones filming locations’ city tours, especially in Dubrovnik.

Book your Dubrovnik Game of Thrones walking tour here:

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I believe however, that the other locations that are not based in or around Dubrovnik are at least as worth seeing!

Therefore, I am in the process of creating a full list of all scenes and filming locations around Croatia. You will find it here, once I am done with my research. In the meantime, enjoy the infographic and stay tuned! 😉


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